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Everyone at PowerOn Energy comes to work excited about being part of a collective positive force in the world. We know that by empowering businesses and homes to go green and generate their own sustainable energy, we’re saving them money and benefiting the planet, too.

We offer a variety of job opportunities in this exciting field, ensuring that there are vibrant career opportunities for people from a variety of backgrounds. Whether you’re an electrical engineer, a solar installer, or a sales professional, we’d love for you to join our team in meeting the staggering need for renewable energy in San Diego and Southern California.

Job Openings

PowerOn Energy Jobs Commercial Sales Consultant

Commercial Sales Consultant

In this role, you will be responsible for sourcing, presenting and closing commercial solar projects. Sales Consultants are expected to build and maintain an extensive network of commercial property owners in effort to reach decision makers at businesses that may benefit from going solar. This position is responsible for identifying property owners with good business credit and operating history as well as locating ideal buildings for solar by evaluating their roof space and parking area where solar canopies can be installed.

PowerOn Energy Jobs Sales Manager

Sales Manager

Sales Managers are responsible for managing the direct sales to residential and commercial consumers. They take the lead on all sales visits and train each employee to maximize every on-site visit to create constant growth for the company. Sales Managers should have a strong background in direct sales, leadership activities, and company innovation. We look to this position to help advance our company and create a competitive edge that consistently sets us apart from others in the solar power industry

PowerOn Energy Jobs Energy Consultant

Energy Consultant

An Energy Consultant is required to market and sell Solar technology to residential customers. They are required to generate business through direct sales to potential residential home owners, cultivate business relationships, and develop a professional network. Based on production output, additional company tasks may be assigned to the consultant. We are looking for candidates with or without previous solar sales experience and strong communication skills.  A candidate for this job must be willing to take risks, have previous direct sales experience, and provide an extensive portfolio of past industry successes.

PowerOnEnergy Careers Site Surveyor

Site Surveyor

Site Surveyors are responsible for taking accurate measurements inside and out of our client’s properties. They are tasked with taking pictures of necessary electrical panels, meters, documents, obstructions, and general property that is relevant to a job. Accuracy and speed of are key when uploading these documents and photos as installations will be designed based on the provided measurements. Previous experience of technical surveying and taking accurate measurements is a plus. Surveyor must be comfortable with heights and climbing onto roof areas. Additionally a good level of computer skills is required.

Solar Job Outlook

The solar industry is thriving because of increased interest in solar and falling technology prices. In fact, the size of the solar power industry has shown double-digit expansion since 2000. While solar still makes up only a small percentage of the American energy mix, experts estimate that the solar sector will become a multi-trillion dollar industry in the next 25 years. The American Solar Energy Society estimates that more than 300,000 net jobs could be created in our field in the coming years.

PowerOn Energy is taking the solar power industry by storm and is prepped for rapid growth in the coming years. We encourage you to explore our job openings and apply with us today.

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