Financially Sustainable and Environmentally Savvy

When you work with PowerOn Energy, you’ll discover how effective solar energy systems can be for improving your bottom line. We offer complete solutions for San Diego and Southern California retail centers, hospitality businesses, industrial locations, warehouses, commercial offices, and more. We’ll work with your firm to design a solar photovoltaic system that makes as much sense financially as it does environmentally.

Commercial Solar Solutions

Save with Green Energy

Solar Photovoltaic System Design and Installation

There’s no doubt that a solar electric system can be an outstanding business investment. Not only do our solar panels deliver sustainable energy and the potential for thousands of dollars in savings every year, with solar energy for your business, you’ll improve your green reputation in the community, too.

Now is a great time to make the switch from dirty energy to clean energy. With generous federal and local incentives as well as attractive PowerOn Energy financing options, you’ll see immediate bottom economic benefits with solar.

Our team will assess your solar potential, design a cost-saving system, guide you through the rebate and permitting processes, and install and test your solar panels with the utmost professionalism. From ground-mounted to roof-mounted solar systems that are grid-connected or independent, PowerOn Energy has you covered.

Solar Water Heating

If you’re looking to invest more deeply in green energy, then consider adding a solar water heating system to your renewable energy mix. Using sunlight to heat water is incredibly cost-effective and can further increase the savings you receive on regular utility bills.

PowerOn Energy is well-versed in how to design and install solar thermal systems. We take care of the entire process, from permitting and incentives filing to testing, inspections, and regular monitoring.

Solar Heating and Air Conditioning

Solar energy can be used for more than electricity generation and water heating. We offer heating and cooling systems that use solar energy to run absorption chillers for air conditioning during warm months and to provide heat during cold months.

PowerOn Energy will help you determine whether your business has sufficient space and capacity to make a solar heating and air conditioning attractive. From there, we’ll design the system, obtain permits and incentives on your behalf, and the complete the installation, testing, and monitoring so that you can focus on what you do best.

Improving Your Energy Efficiency

Helping You Get More Out of Your Solar

Energy Efficiency Analysis

PowerOn Energy makes it possible for you to squeeze even more value out of your green power systems by ensuring you’re using energy efficiently throughout your business. Consider that the average business can cut heating and cooling costs by 50% with better equipment. Likewise, a lighting retrofit can lower electricity consumption by 80% to 95%.

We want to help you achieve similar savings and so we offer in-depth analyses of your historical utility bills to determine your current energy consumption. From there, we’ll inspect all major energy-use systems – including HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, data rooms, office equipment, and more – to determine how much they burden on your electric and natural gas bills. Once we’ve gathered all of this data, we’ll provide you a detailed analysis of where you can save through efficiency retrofits.

Energy Efficiency Retrofits

Data is only as useful as the actions it stimulates. That’s why PowerOn Energy provides comprehensive energy efficiency retrofits to our commercial and business clients. Our full-service business can provide you with any number of energy efficiency retrofits, including the following:

  • Sealing the building envelop
  • Increasing insulation levels
  • Retrofitting HVAC systems
  • Sealing central heating and cooling systems
  • Upgrading weather stripping
  • Installing energy efficient indoor and outdoor lighting

Comprehensive Solutions

The most effective green power plan is the one that’s most well-integrated. PowerOn Energy provides comprehensive solutions that take every potential energy factor into consideration – including renewable energy systems and energy efficiency upgrades, as well as a detailed analysis of financing and incentives options – to ensure you achieve the best investment return and savings. From start to finish, we ensure your sustainability and financial aspirations are met and exceeded.

Customer Service

Providing Full-Service Green Energy Solutions

Financing Options

Key to any successful renewable energy and retrofitting project is consideration of all financial aspects of the proposal. PowerOn Energy will make it a priority to understand your business model, get a good idea of your financial requirements, and then plug these factors into your plan to ensure you receive the greatest financial benefits possible. As part of this analysis, we’ll go over a variety of financing options, including unsecured financing, power purchase agreements (PPAs), commercial PACE programs, leases, cash purchases, and more.

Ongoing Monitoring and Maintenance

Our PowerOn Energy team won’t abandon you once your system is installed. We are available to answer any questions that may arise and can assess what you need to do to monitor and maintain your solar energy systems. Our online technology makes it easy for you to keep track of how much energy you produce and use and discover drops in efficiency as they happen.