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About PowerOn Energy

At PowerOn Energy, we’re on a mission to help homeowners and commercial property owners go green with solar. We custom design each solar energy solution we deliver to ensure the right amount of solar power is generated at an affordable price. Our goal is to help customers zero-out their utility bills while they embrace sustainability.

These values, combined with our commitment to quality and outstanding financing options, make PowerOn Energy one of the most trusted renewable energy partners in San Diego and Southern California.

How We Work

We provide solar systems that work for a wide variety of clients, including residential homeowners, industrial property owners, retail and commercial businesses, non-profits, the hospitality industry, and beyond. Regardless of size, we make the process simple and easy so that you can rest assured that we’ll provide a top-quality system while you gain all the benefits. Our system involves three easy steps:

1. Free Expert Consultation: Our solar power consultants will meet with you to assess your energy needs and solar potential and recommend a solution customized to your unique situation.

2. Design and Installation: We’ll design your solar system to zero-out your utility bill by allowing you to generate as much or more energy than you consume. We’ll take care of all permits, incentive paperwork, and logistical details.

3. Maintenance and Support: Once your system is installed, you can sit back and relax, knowing that rain or shine, your system will generate clean, renewable energy. Our online monitoring system allows you and the fund to quickly address any efficiency drops in the unlikely event that they occur.

There is no better time to go solar. Solar prices are falling, energy rates are increasing, and interest in energy independence is on the rise. Schedule a free consultation today!

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